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Lamb & Gravy Roll Recipe

Who doesn’t love leftovers in between bread of some description? Tony and I used to run the local general store and twice a week, every week, these were on the menu and almost without fail we’d sell out. If by some strange twist we didn’t, we’d make little pies the next day filled to the brim with delicious chunks of Marybrook Premium Produce lamb and gravy, and they would again fly out of the door.


Leftover lamb and gravy

Crusty bread rolls


Warm the meat, gravy and buns. put it together and job done.

They're also perfect for beach lunches, the lamb warmed and wrapped in alfoil, a thermos keeping the gravy hot and some super fresh rolls.

When friends come round I’ll warm the meat, gravy and some brioche buns then toss a coleslaw, and let everyone serve themselves. Simple and delicious.

Marybrook Premium Produce Lamb Boxes

Released monthly, Marybrook Premium Produce Lamb Boxes are filled with award winning, 100% grass fed, grain free lamb produced by Tony Passamai and Marissa Taylor in the Margaret River Region. Available as bulk 9-18 kg meat boxes with a selection of lamb cuts; sized for small and large households, they're easy to store in a standard freezer. Order online for Margaret River or Farmers Market pickup or home delivery on our Busselton, Bunbury, Mandurah, Peel and Perth route. Order early to avoid disappointment.

Marybrook Premium Produce was named National Gold Medallist and State Winner at the Delicious Produce Awards. Our meat is tender, full of flavour and raised with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing.


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